Life On The Road / 11 October 2017

Nick Hosford from The Outer Vibe talks Heroes, Drugs, and Pre-Gig Rituals

We sat down with Nick Hosford, lead guitarist with Nashville indie poster boys, The Outer Vibe, to have a chat about his musical heroes, keeping his fingernails in good condition and his MONO essentials.

What was the moment that made you want to be a musician?

Mr. Rodgers’ TV show was probably the first thing that made me want to play music. He always had great music on the show and showcased the players. When I was in the 6th grade, I got the chance to actually hold an electric guitar and play it at a friends house. That sealed the deal for me. 

Who are your musical heroes?

Jimi Hendrix was huge for me, his playing and his lyrics. Dave Grohl, Agustìn Barrios Mangorè, Tom Morello, Jimmy Page, Nikita Koshkin, the guitarist John Williams, Danny Elfman, Astor Piazzolla, Eminem, Franz Liszt, Johann Sebastian Bach, Dr. Dre, all four of The Beatles. In terms of producers I’d say Rick Rubin and David Kahne. Also my guitar teachers: Kevin Murphy, Brian Morris, and Nelson Amos. 

What do you never leave home without when you’re on tour?

Well, my backpack is filled with drugs. I have a Primary Immune Deficiency, so I bring the meds with me and do my weekly infusions of Subcutaneous IVIGG on the road. Modern medicine is truly amazing. When I started receiving the treatment over 24 years ago, I was required to spend the entire day in the hospital. Now I can infuse myself from the side of a mountain, drinking a beer, watching the sunset. 

What’s your pre-gig ritual?

Me-na-le, Me-na-le, Me-na-le, Me-na-le… I am running scales for my left hand and picking. I warm up my right hand with classical guitar tremolo and I use “Etude No. 1” By Heitor Villa-Lobos. The Outer Vibe does a “Whoa Bundy” before every show. It is something that Brad Dollar (Who produced our last full-length Album “Full Circle”) showed us and we have been doing it ever since. 


What accessory can’t you function without when playing live?

My fingernails. I have been filing and maintaining my nails for 15 years. I grew them out in college to study classical guitar and it’s become a huge part of my playing, technically and sonically. 

What MONO gear do you use at home, in the studio or on tour?

I currently have an M80 double-electric bag and a Vertigo bag. My hard shells are sitting at home when I tour. Its crazy. I really never thought I would tour with a gig bag, but it’s actually great! 

What’s your proudest achievement?

The Outer Vibe in many ways. A band of friends in which some of us have been making music together for over 15 years. We are lifelong bandmates and we still like each other. Individually, getting my master’s degree in classical guitar performance was great. I am really glad I hung in and saw it through. Don’t be a fool, stay in school. At least if the school is playing guitar all day.

What would be your fantasy band line-up? (choose any musicians from any genre to play together)

Jimi Hendrix, Dave Grohl, David Bowie, John Bonham, and Katy Perry.

What’s your favourite album of all time?

Really? You’re killing me here! I think my favourite album changes as fast as the wind. The last two albums I listened to were “Everything Now” by Arcade Fire and “Joanne” by Lady Gaga. Loved both. The albums I have listened to more than anything else are Led Zeppelin “IV” and “Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace” by The Foo Fighters.

Who was the last band you saw live?

The last band I saw was Black Roads, as they opened for us at our last show. As a concert attendee, it was the Wild Reeds. 

To keep up with Nick and The Outervibe check out their website here.

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