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#monopfx: Best pedalboards of February 2022

Did you get that pedal you’ve been wanting forever?

Or perhaps you’re just in the market to see what will be next for you?

Whatever the reason may be, let’s take a look at some of our favorite pedalboard builds from the month of February.

The Lite Heavyweights

Do you believe that less is more? Musicians that belong to this camp turn to boards like our Pedalboard Lite+ to keep things trim on their tone hunt. No extra baggage is allowed here — every effect unit counts.

This #monopfx is a great example showing that less is more.

Alex Evans’ blackout Pedalboard Lite+ packs a punch with just four pedals in a super clean and sleek package. Two pedal-sized amps, in the HX Stomp and Styrmon Iridium, are doing the heavy lifting here while the Origin Effects Cali76 and Walrus Audio MAKO Series R1 complement the overall look and tone.

We love how massive tone can get here without compromising baggage allowance.

Pedalboard Classics

For the players that want the essentials and a little more. Here are our favorite Small and Medium builds of the month.

Here is Philip Krohnengold’s Pedalboard Carbon Small, wired by the folks at JHS Pedals. In case you didn’t know, Philip regularly toured with Sara Bareilles, country music’s Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland), and The Milk Carton Kids to name a few.

This #monopfx features JHS Pedals’ most famous pedals like the Morning Glory and the Panther Cub Analog Delay.

The flat lay design of the Pedalboard Carbon makes it the ideal blank slate to express yourself with and that’s what makes this pedalboard so appealing.

If you’re wondering where the power supply unit is, it’s cleverly stationed underneath the three mini pedals that sit directly on top of the unit.

Talk about efficiency!

Adam James makes an appearance on the blog once again and this time he shows off his newly updated #monopfx setup.

This Pedalboard Small houses his trusty tone beast – the HX Stomp XL, and if the 8 footswitches on it aren’t enough, the Morningstar MC6 adds additional functionality and flexibility for seamless effect and parameter changes. The Source Audio EQ2 is also in the loop with the Stomp XL and MC6. Adam claims this to be a true Swiss Army knife-like pedal.

Here’s a complete breakdown of this setup: Strymon Compadre for British tones, Kingtone Duellist for when things get heavy, Morningstar MC6 for all the MIDI goodness, Source Audio Q2 for tone-shaping, and the star of the show – the HX Stomp XL.

All the tones you need at the stomp of a footswitch.

The Chase Bliss Audio Automatone Preamp MKII takes center stage when it comes to building the tonal backbone of any guitar. We love how Chase Bliss Audio plays a big part in this #monopfx build as it also features the Thermae and the Mood.

Other pedals of note include the Mr. Black Analog Chorus/Vibrato Deluxe, Cry Baby Wah, Retro Channel The Fuzz, TomKat Pedals Super Day Dreamer, MXR Dyna Comp, MXR Phase 90, Mr. Black Supermoon, and the Boss RC-2.

Go big or go home

Big isn’t always better, but big is always big — and sometimes very epic. That’s what the Pedalboard Large is for.

Now, THIS is a comprehensive touring tone toolkit!

Kel Dakota knows what he wants. With pedals ranging from iconic brands like Strymon, Chase Bliss Audio, and Origin Effects, this build is big on sound and really sets the tone (pun intended) for the rest of the effects in the signal chain. The increasingly popular pedals like the 29 Pedals OAMP and Euna, Bogner Wessex, Red Panda Lab Raster, and a couple of pedals from Spaceman also made it onto this #monopfx.

Less is more but more is always more!

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