Product / 30 May 2017

MONO Straps Give Your Guitar The Support it Deserves

Made with indestructible materials, lightweight construction and smart features, our MONO straps have been designed to support you and your guitar as you play. Given a tough run by musicians everywhere, here’s a look at our three styles.

1. The Betty

With its wide wale design and thin memory-foam core, the Betty takes weightlessness and comfort to a new level. Add to that a neoprene underbelly and military webbing and you’re set to play for hours on end, minus the fatigue that comes from long sessions. Just ask Scott Ian.  

2. The Doolittle

When it comes to this strap, less is more. The Doolittle is simple, but it sure looks good. Muted colours and industrial materials complete its minimalist aesthetic, while a custom buckle gives it that subtle edge.

3. The Warsaw

Seatbelts save lives… and guitars. That’s the idea behind the Warsaw. Using the same indestructible nylon webbing you’ll find in a car seatbelt, this slick and shiny strap comes in Manta Black, Platinum Grey and Stark White. It’s nice to look at – but it can also keep up with energetic shredding.

Strap in.

Whether it’s the Betty, the Doolittle, or the Warsaw, your guitar’s going to get awesome support from these straps. And of course – like our cases – MONO guitar straps are designed to last.

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