Product / 24 May 2017

Deconstructing the Vertigo Boot

We could ramble on for days about the Vertigo’s many awesome features. With that in mind, let’s start with the Boot.

It goes without saying that your guitar needs protection – from the base up. Here are four ways the Boot does just that.

1. Advanced sneaker technology

We can’t think of too many guitar cases that take inspiration from footwear technology – let alone use it. But when it comes to the security of your guitar, we do it what it takes. That’s why the Boot has an EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) insole. Used in a variety of sports shoes, EVA is a dense foam which acts as an awesome shock absorber. Naturally, we loved that idea – which is why your Vertigo will bounce off concrete like a pair of cross trainers.  

2. Moulded from Hypalon

Even the word sounds impressive. Hypalon is an industrial rubber used by the military to create inflatable rafts. Now, it’s also used to create the Boot’s hardwearing sole. Put it this way – if it’s fit for the military, it can survive pretty much anything.

3. Completely drop-proof

When you combine a Hypalon outsole with an EVA insole, The Boot protects your guitar from soul-crushing vertical drops. Basically, the internal foam bumpers inside divert vertical impact out and around the case – and a special cutaway prevents the strap pin from hammering into the body of your axe.

4. Built for gripping, not slipping

When you’re playing in bars, beery floors are unavoidable. In the same way a hiking boot latches onto a wet rock, the Boot has no trouble gripping wet or slippery surfaces. And while a normal case will greedily suck up any moisture, the Boot keeps your Vertigo nice and dry.

Want to see it for yourself? Find your nearest retailer.

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