Gear / 5 September 2018

Best of Instagram September 2018 Edition: Your Gear. Your Stories.

Every time we scroll through our Instagram feed we see some incredible pictures from musicians and creators alike. Drool-worthy gear, beautiful aesthetics. We want to know more. That’s why every month we feature our favorite #MONOFits flatlays and the stories behind them.

@edhaponik: The MONO bass sleeve is the perfect blend of simplicity and perfection. I totally trust it, and it never feels cumbersome. My favorite feature is the wrap-around storage flap!

My favorite piece of gear might be that Ergo straps Yin-Yang Victor Wooten strap. I’ve had Vic sign it since. He is just such a great, genuine person and seeing him play is a transformative experience. Sure! I also love my StingRay – it’s the best I’ve ever played. Just a perfect neck and that distinctive sound. I feel like I can use that bass for anything, so I mainly play it when I want to have that growl or when we’ll be doing more 70’s slap stuff to try and get my Louis Johnson on. I mainly play my Fodera Monarch P Classic which is the most versatile bass I own, and I have a few EBMM Cutlass basses which have just the best raw P sound when I need to fill the mix more.

I’ve been playing bass since I was 13 (and also ukulele, because hey, 4 strings!). I mostly play with a fun local cover band, but some of my favorite playing happens on my front porch with my dog!

I’m actually a science and engineering teacher, but I have to have music around me all the time! So I play a lot with/for the kids, have little jam sessions at recess, and incorporate units on the physics of sound. Ukes are so portable that when I don’t have something to play I feel naked! Is that pathological? 😂

@aj_guel: I love my MONO bags because they allow me to be the most efficient with my gear both while at the show and traveling. When you’re doing an opening slot of a festival gig, getting your gear off the stage quickly keeps everyone happy. The quickest way to not get invited back out with a headliner is to take forever getting your gear off the stage. After the show, getting into the hotel room after being on the road for hours and in the Texas heat at a festival in one trip is what I REALLY love about MONO bags.

I’m traveling with a Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster Kemper Amp, Temple Audio Duo 24 loaded with the Kemper remote, a Line 6 G70 Wireless, Peterson Tuner, LR Baggs Session, Rupert Neve RNDI and Radial SGI. I carry straps and cables in the Tick V2 attached to the M80.

My favorite piece of gear is the Kemper. It allows me to have all the tones exactly as they sound on our records. We are currently releasing a new single every six weeks. Our latest single, “Hey Stranger” has already surpassed all of our other releases in streams and downloads in just a month, so that is really exciting for us. Watching the shows get bigger every night, with more and more people singing along is a really amazing feeling. It’s great to see the hard work and grinding it out start to pay off.

@tm_strauch: I love the high quality of the Vertigo Bag and it perfectly fits pretty much all my guitars!

My favorite piece of equipment in this picture might be the pedalboard which is definitely inspired by David Gilmour, the most important pedal being the Strymon Timeline since it has so many different delay algorithms and it always inspires me for new musical ideas.

I play in a straightforward metal band playing modern death metal, but as a guitarist I usually play a lot of different genres, especially instrumental guitar music like post rock and ambient guitar. I always say if you don’t try to discover other genres of music, you are still missing the best out there! 🙂

Thank you once again to everyone who has shared with us pictures of their rigs, gears and MONO products.

If you have photos of your MONO gear – tag us on Instagram @monocreators. If you want to share a flatlay of your gear, remember to hashtag #MONOfits on Instagram. We’re always looking to share incredible photos from our users – who knows, yours could be the next.

MONO products featured
Sleeve Bass Guitar Case, Ash
Classic Dual Electric Guitar Case, Black
Classic Tick Accessory Case 2.0, Black
Tour Accessory Case 2.0, Black
Vertigo Electric Guitar Case, Black

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