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Best of Instagram May 2018 Edition: Your Gear. Your Stories.

At MONO, nothing makes us happier than seeing our products in the hands of musicians and creators from all walks of life. Today we’d like to shine a light on you and your gear.

As you all would know by now, we love photos of your gear, especially #MONOfits flatlays. Here are some of our favorites in the past few months, and the stories behind them.

A post shared by Riggs Taylor (@the_riggstaylor) on

@the_riggstaylor: I love the durability and versatility of the FlyBy. It’s very clear that a lot of thought went into every inch of space- it beautifully combines function and form. I have fit small synths, pedalboards, mobile recording setups, and daily necessities into this bag with ease. Head and shoulders above every other backpack I’ve owned.

While it’s difficult to pick one thing, my Strymon El Capistan has to be the singular item I can’t go without. Its been a go-to for about 4 years now, and I use it on electric, acoustic, and synth. If I had to play a whole show with only one pedal, that would be it!

I recently had the privilege to play at the wedding of a great friend of mine, who is an excellent musician himself. We flew to LA, and drove out to Joshua Tree for the wedding. Not only were the views incredible, but being a small part of their wedding day made it one of the greatest musical experiences of my life. It reminded me why I came to love music in the first place- to draw attention to the beauty in our lives in an audible form.

A post shared by Rhys Gilchrist (@rhysgilchrist) on

@rhysgilchrist: I love the fact that it (Vertigo Semi Hollow) can fit my semi-hollow guitars in it perfectly and has a ton of space for anything else I have to take to a gig! And the pedal board bag is just the best quality one I’ve ever had, so my pedals and guitar are super safe AND look cool!

I’d say the guitar is obviously the most essential piece of kit there. It’s what allows me to express myself. But the MONO gig bags certainly help with the whole process of this, since they protect my gear!

I love this photo for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I’m playing with a great friend whose music I really enjoy. You can check out “the violet kind” to hear them. But secondly, the photographer managed to catch a very funny moment that only us two knew about. It’s a longer story but basically I opened my guitar solo with this stupid lick that only us two knew the story behind. Not very exciting…! But it’s what makes this fairly average photo memorable for me :-)!

A post shared by Konstantinos Stamou (@kstamou) on

@kstamou: I love my MONO Bass Sleeve for its design and comfort! It fits even my 5-string bass! It’s quite ergonomic so I can ride my scooter with this on my back and it still feels safe!

Recently I added this lovely Precision ’57 Fender bass in my bass collection and since then I never played a single gig without it. The feel I get from its sustain, the simplicity of the instrument along with a gorgeous set of flat wounds makes me forget everything else…

Back in 2016, my band Wolfy Funk Project, released their debut album. A few days before we sent the master for pressing, we still couldn’t decide for the title! So, we gathered once again at my house and throw our proposals on the table. We all knew what we want, but we couldn’t find the proper word or phrase! Our drummer, Aggelos, as he was looking around, he saw that old board game on a bookshelf, and he said… MindTrap! Everybody stopped talking, we looked at each other and with a huge smile on our faces and no second thought, our debut album called “Mindtrap”! The album, following the self-titled single released in June 15th 2016, earned really good reviews and managed to get in the airplay of several major radio stations in Greece and I’m really proud for this one.

A big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to set these up, take photos and share them with us.

If you have photos of your MONO gear – tag us on Instagram @monocreators. If you want to share a flatlay of your gear, remember to hashtag #MONOfits on Instagram. We’re always looking to share incredible photos from our users, and yours could definitely be next.

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