Gear / 16 January 2019

Best of Instagram January 2019 Edition: Your Gear. Your Stories.

It’s the start of 2019 and the love for gear shows no signs of slowing down. Every piece of kit has a story only you can tell. So we talk to the creators behind some of our favorite #MONOFits flatlays.


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A post shared by Parker Shay (@parkershay1) on

@parkershay1: My favorite piece of gear is my PRS Custom 24 20th anniversary model. The feel and neck profile is INCREDIBLE. The finish, bird inlays, and tone are simply amazing.

This is my favorite picture from my first large tour – The Hope Encounter Tour with @rileyclemmons, @taurenwells and @dannygokey! Very honored to have traveled the country and play music that I love with Riley (pictured center).

The MONO Dual Acoustic/Electric bag I have is a life saver! Being able to fit both guitars, acoustic and electric, into overhead bins as my carry-on item is HUGE. I’m able to save time, money, and avoid broken equipment by not checking any gear. I recently purchased the MONO FlyBy backpack to use as my personal item for fly-gigs! I love the durability of these bags.


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A post shared by Maxi Chercover (@maxicher) on

My favorite gear in this post is my old Fender P Bass, even though I do use many other basses too. It’s an 84/86 E series Fender MIJ Fujigen Precision Bass. I missed one like this in turquoise that was really cheap, and my friend Andres Rotmistrovsky told me I was mad to let that beautiful bass go and not buy it. So when another appeared on Mercado Libre (like an Argentinian eBay), and there are not many like this one, I bought it immediately.

Then I traveled for an hour and a half to pick it up and after a few hours playing, I called my friend Marcelo Lago (one of the best luthiers in Buenos Aires and founder of Lake Pickups) and asked him to make a new pickup for my bass. And two weeks later I was recording with it.

I love everything about my MONO cases. I use a Vertigo on some occasions, but I’m also in love with my Guitar Sleeve.

MONO is light, comfortable, fits all of my basses, whether four or five strings, classic or modern, 34” or 35” scale. And that pocket is MASSIVE. Just see the picture and think that all of that came into the case. Oh, and it looks absolutely stunning too.


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@filemonlysander: Hey! I’m Sander! Much Love from Indonesia. My favorite piece of kit is still the BigSky Reverb from Strymon. It’s awesome and makes your guitar sound “expensive” and I love the Cab Filter feature.

If you ask me what music I love most I will struggle to pick one, there’s just too many genres I love. But if you ask me my favorite guitar player, I can give you a name – Mark Lettieri! I hope I can play on one stage with him someday!

MONO IS AWESOME MAN! I couldn’t ask for the better gig bag! The headlock and top loading system is 🔥and the material is so solid! In my opinion, MONO is like “LV” for the guitarist!


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A post shared by Filemon Lysander Thea (@filemonlysander) on

MONO products featured:
Classic Dual Acoustic/Electric Guitar Case, Black
Sleeve Bass Guitar Case, Ash
Sleeve Electric Guitar Case, Ash
Vertigo Electric Guitar Case, Black

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