Gear / 12 December 2018

Best of Instagram December 2018 Edition: Your Gear. Your Stories.

It’s been a year of beautiful gear and epic flatlays – here are our favorite #MONOFits this month.

We’d love to do a round up of the best #MONOFits for 2018 soon, so hit us with your best shot.


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A post shared by Ser 🅶io (@sergioartgroove) on

@sergioartgroove: My main and favorite instrument I usually work with is a bass guitar made by American master luthier Michael Tuttle. I bought it in 2012. Despite using many different good and high-quality instruments, I always experimented. I even ordered a custom instrument made in accordance with my own design and vision.

The first musical instrument I bought was Ibanez 4-string. It was a cheap instrument, however, sounded quite good at that time. Even though I was not an expert in the sound back then, and did not know which instrument would correspond to my inner vision and my sensations. So, I spent many years in search of my own instrument and sound. Despite that, I just took a guitar in my hands, listened to the music, played and enjoyed what I was doing. That is how the music stole my heart forever.

I can only give positive feedback and impressions after using my MONO bag. I do not need to worry because my instrument is protected well, and it is very easy, practical and comfortable to transport. The design of the MONO bag is very elegant, ionic and recognized. In addition, tactile sensations from touching this bag are very pleasant and reassuring.


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A post shared by Joris Amann (@jorisamann) on

@jorisamann: The thing that I love the most is the Lovepedal Tchula. The first time I played this pedal, I was felt it was too bright and too light. But after several days I’ve changed the way I pick. My guitar approach became more dynamic and accurate.

I have been working for seven years with my friend @bastianbaker. We did a lot of gigs especially in Switzerland, where I live, but also in Japan, Canada and USA. The craziest thing we did was to perform the opening act for Shania Twain at the end of her tour in 2015. Following this, she hired him for all the premieres of her world tour this year.

I have been using MONO case for many years now. I love it because it’s really secure and reliable. When I travel by plane, normally I can take my guitar on board. But if unfortunately, I have to check it in, I’m confident with my MONO Bags.


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A post shared by Dagan Wilkin (@daganwilkin) on

@daganwilkin: I like SG’s for how bloody cool they look and sound. The first guitar player I saw on TV was Angus Young, and that iconic look has just stuck with me since – even though I don’t look half as good in a schoolboy uniform!

I got introduced to the new Stealth M80 case during the last NAMM show, such a streamlined piece of kit, all the padding with none of the clunkiness! I knew I had to add it to my MONO arsenal.

My cat Edgar’s favourite bag has to be the M80 Dual, there’s more pockets, secret compartments and storage than I even realised! Plenty places to hide his treats alongside my strings, straps, cables and everything else, haha.

It’s amazing seeing all your photos on social media. We’re very thankful to everyone who has taken the time to set these up, take photos and share them with us, keep them coming!

If you have photos of your MONO gear – tag us on Instagram @monocreators. If you want to share a flatlay of your gear, remember to hashtag #MONOfits on Instagram. We’re always looking to share incredible photos from our users – who knows, yours could be the next.

MONO products featured
Classic Bass Guitar Case, Black
Classic Dual Electric Guitar Case, Black
Tour Accessory Case 2.0, Black
Classic Dual Electric Guitar Case, Black
Vertigo Electric Guitar Case, Grey
Sleeve Electric Guitar Case, Black
Tour Accessory Case 2.0, Black

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