Gear / 30 December 2020

Best MONO cases and pedalboards of 2020

The year has finally come to an end and what a ride it has been. 

While 2020 was certainly not the year for live music, we’re still grateful for all the musicians, producers and countless other creatives who still celebrated their art and showcased the gear they used to keep productive.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite 2020 MONO moments for our last blog post of the year. So, scroll through — you may find one of your posts here!

When you don’t have enough hands for your MONO cases.

Quarantine? No problem – get lost in the music instead.

With gear as good as this, you don’t need much to achieve great bass tone.

The perfect studio session companion.

This is definitely our favorite glow up of the year!

The People’s Choice

These posts were our most-liked of the entire year.

Check them out!

The perfect producer-on-the-go rig.

Socially-distanced gear on a socially-distanced stage.

A dreamy studio guitar setup.

The skies are the limit with MIDI and digital controllers like the Helix.

Two of everything, but one case is all you need — the iconic M80 dual case #MONOFits!

And that’s it.

2020 may have been a difficult year for everyone, but it certainly didn’t stop the music!

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