Gear / 31 December 2021

Best MONO cases and pedalboards of 2021

Another year has finally come to an end and what a ride it has been. 

As normalcy in the music industry is starting to pick up, live shows aren’t a thing of the past anymore. We look forward to all the musicians, producers, and countless other creatives who will continue to carry their MONO cases and bags into the new year. 

We’ve curated some of our favorite 2021 MONO moments for our last blog post of the year. So, scroll through — you may find one of your posts here!

Plug a guitar into the pedalboard? No, here’s a drumkit instead.

Forget the strap! Check out that festival-ready rig.

Attention to detail goes a long way. Swipe to check out the incredible cabling under the hood of this #monopfx.

The only perfect resting place for your guitars.

Get huge tones while keeping things compact.

A little sun and this #MONOfits is second to none.

The perfect recording setup.

The Pedalboard Carbon is our sleekest solution for the flat board enthusiast. Uni Sound’s bass board is a case in point. 

Touring gets easier with the right gear.

The People’s Choice

These posts were our most-liked of the entire year.

Check them out!

What used to be bulky and heavy can now live on this one-of-a-kind iPad stand.

Stealth Mode – Engaged.

Stay protected and never leave home without them.

An incredible signal chain arranged and cabled to perfection.

That’s all!

Here’s to more music in 2022!

Make sure to keep tagging us @monocreators and hashtag #monocreators, #monofits, and #monopfx for a chance to be featured on our platforms. We see each and every one of your posts and we look forward to celebrating great music gear with you in the new year.

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