How-Tos / 16 March 2017

Taking Your Music Gear On A Plane

As a company that loves to work with touring musicians, we get a lot of people asking us about the best ways to keep their gear safe and in good condition during air travel. Touring can be exhilarating but there’s also a lot to consider when taking valuable equipment on the road, whether it’s domestic or overseas. Here are our tips for making sure your stuff stays safe and everything goes smoothly.

Make Sure You Have The Right Gear

This may sound like an obvious one but it’s vital to make sure that your stuff is in good working order and will survive the trip. Don’t take a chance on anything that’s broken or worn down. Invest in the right kind of case whether you’re flying short or long haul. Here at MONO we stock a full range of careful crafted instrument cases to look after your equipment during the rigours of travel. Click here to see our full product selection. 

Check Your Insurance Is Up To Date

Ensure that you’re covered for any and all eventualities. Having gear lost or stolen can prove to be a nightmare and you don’t want to be out of pocket. Be certain that you have comprehensive travel insurance in the event of any nasty surprises and contact your insurance provider if you have even the smallest of doubts.

Be Sure Of The Airline’s Policy For Carrying Equipment

Not all airlines are created equal and different companies have different policies. Before flying, we recommend you contact the airline and discuss your instrument travel plans. In some cases, small instruments can be stowed overhead or placed under the seat but smaller, regional aircraft can have limited overhead compartments.

Get To The Airport in Plenty Of Time

Checking your gear and passing through security smoothly can be a chore even on the best of days. If you’re taking a speciality item with you or have big gear then security staff may well require more time to check your items and process you. Bear in mind that in some cases, you may be charged extra for excessively large or fragile equipment.

Contact Information

If the worst case scenario comes to pass and your stuff goes missing, make sure it has a sturdy tag with a clearly-printed address and contact details so that, if it’s found, your gear can be returned to you quickly. There are some more tips for modding your gear for travel here.

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